As innovators, a streamlined process is just as important as high-quality products.

At KANPEKI, we help brands to design, develop and build a robust supply chain architecture to ensure that excellent quality products are manufactured with maximum consistency and safety at competitive prices. 

Supply Chain & Manufacturing

We are with you every step of the way and ensure that we only work with the best manufacturing partners and sub-suppliers in the industry. We have spent the past decade developing and building best-in-class supply chains to support the most stringent of quality requirements. 


Supplier Selection Auditing and Qualification

Competitive bid processes and price negotiations

Direct engagement with suppliers negotiating commercial terms and quality standards

Implementing Innovative procurement sourcing strategies

Production planning

Continuous improvement and cost savings

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We are experts in establishing efficient, sustainable supply chains to support the most stringent quality requirements. We partner with industry leading manufacturing partners and sub-suppliers. We have boots on the grounds where things happen.