Paving the way with high-quality Vape delivery systems.

Given our focus on safety and quality, we believe that every aspect of our products should be perfect. Why settle for a mediocre product when you can one that pushes the boundaries of innovation?

Quality Assurance

We believe that every product that we develop should be perfectly safe for the end consumer to use, therefore consistency and safety are at the core of what we do best.

Quality is always our number one priority.


During each phase of our production process, all of the materials that we use are carefully inspected and tested, to make sure they fit the purpose for which they were intended.


Safety is paramount to everything that we do at KANPEKI. We operate with a series of strict policies and procedures, understanding the importance of both risk and liability.

Tests and Inspection

We believe in testing all of the products that we create throughout the development process, ensuring that our products meet the highest of quality standards. We have eyes and hands on every cartridge, pod and device that is assembled, packed and shipped.

Full Traceability

We enable full traceability through our production process. We have the ability to track every unit we produce back to the production lot of each of its components.

Product Change Management

We make sure that any changes to materials, design or processes are only implemented after the application process for assessment, qualification and approval has been successful.

Quality at our Sub-Suppliers

We ensure that every sub-supplier to produce parts for our products has been fully audited and qualified by the Kanpeki QA team. 

We verify that every supplier has sufficient control checks in place prior to releasing any raw materials to our manufacturing partners.


Why is quality so critical?

At KANPEKI, we select and inspect each material and ingredient that goes into our products, ensuring that every supplier to produce our parts is audited and qualified by our QA team. Part of the assessment process is to verify that our suppliers have sufficient control checks in place to produce high standard raw materials, prior to shipping to our manufacturing facilities.

We ensure consistency by working with our manufacturing partners and sub suppliers to develop quality criteria and standards protocols for every part and product produced. We incorporate proper testing and inspection methods and facilitate alignment and consistency using similar inspection equipment for testing of all batches. We believe that we must ensure the quality of our products personally and therefore we do all the checks by ourselves, rather than using a third party company. We also do not allow any changes to materials, design or manufacturing process to be made without undergoing a successful application and approval process. 

We have full traceability for every unit we produce and are able to track finished goods back to the specific lot number of each raw material built  into the product including records of final inspection, in-process inspection and material incoming inspection records, COC and COA .

At KANPEKI, we have a deep understanding of risk and liability and know how critical every stage of the development and manufacturing process is.  We test our products at multiple stages of the development process to ensure they meet highest quality standards. We continue doing this during mass production. We have eyes and hands on every pod and device that is assembled, packed and shipped . 

Our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 9001 2015 and ISO 13485 for medical devices. All are compliant with GMP standards. The 3rd  party testing labs for detection of heavy metal and hazardous materials are ISO17025.