A powerful vape experience in a small package.

So much has gone into such a small footprint. Packed with medical grade materials, a premium rechargeable battery, a smart UI, and air sensor activation, what makes Epiq so powerful is that all of this fits comfortably into a delicate and sleek design. Epiq is designed to be as powerful as it is beautiful and always within reach of your customer.

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Designed to be personal

Epiq is designed to never leave your customers side. By adding your personal brand touch to an Epiq device, that means you too will always be close your customer. With a clean design and custom finishes, Epiq is a modern and elegant canvas to help elevate your brand.

The Art of Engineering

Epiq only feels simple. While the intuitive vape device delivers the perfect hit every time, it is the result
of clever engineering and careful design. Keep scrolling to take a look under the hood.

Key Features

Device Features

Fully Customized Packaging Design

Epiq offers a wide range of packaging design solutions to match your brand vision.