Shaping the Future of the Vape industry.

At KANPEKI, we help brands to design, develop and manufacture high-quality vape delivery systems, turning concepts and ideas into reality. Each of our systems is built with compliance and quality in mind, driving user satisfaction. 

Design & Development

All materials that we use are known for their top quality. From the moment that we receive an initial concept to the point of mass production, every detail is flawless and every potential issue is taken care of. We believe that safety is paramount, which is why we always design and build with safety standards and compliance in mind. 

Design for a Supreme Experience.

Our Services:

Planning and Preparation

Before we begin working on any project, we evaluate the end goals of our partners and the needs of end-users. We have clarity on the requirements of the project and all the tools that we need to ensure successful completion. 


With a plan in place, we work on several different concepts that fit our clients’ needs. We evaluate optional designs, ensuring that products will be fit to perform to expectation.


Before we showcase products, we design and develop prototypes that match initial specifications. This enables us to check the functionality of the products, ensuring that they are the best solution for our clients.

Functionality Tests

Once prototypes have been made, we are able to test them. This enables us to see whether any modifications need to be made to improve the product. 

Design Submission

Following functionality tests, technical drawings are transferred to our manufacturing experts. They then design a workable product that meets all of the initial specifications. 

The Final Product

Once all designs have been agreed on, we work closely with manufacturers to ensure that the final product meets both the needs of our clients and the needs of their users. Any final product that reaches the market has to be perfect.

Bringing Concepts to Life.

Design to Cost

We are able to evaluate product costs at the early stages of development when they can be controlled the most.

Design to Manufacturing

A core focus is ensuring that all products are designed to be efficiently manufactured and easily assembled with minimum labor cost. Through the use of DFM, KANPEKI can prevent, detect, quantify and eliminate waste and manufacturing inefficiency within a product 

Time to Market

We know that reducing time to market is not something that can be achieved by changing one function or digitizing one process. Our cross-functional teams collaborate across the planning, design, manufacturing and delivery process to achieve significant reductions in lead time, all without compromising quality and performance.  

The KANPEKI Frame of Mind

At KANPEKI, innovation is at the heart of what we do. From initial conception and development through to mass production of vape delivery systems, we will be with you every step of the way.