We strive for the highest levels of innovation and creativity in everything we do. We partner with the best designers, manufacturers and technology solution partners to position ourselves at the forefront of the industry. 


Partnering with cutting-edge technology companies, we are at the forefront of consumer experience personalization. The result: A greatly enhanced consumer experience controlled and driven by personal preferences. Personalization also provides big data and consumer metrics, including real-time information, enabling the understanding of the end-user’s needs like never before.” 

The Personalized Experience

Providing users a wholly enhanced experience. 

What Makes us Different ? 

At KANPEKI, we work with our clients to ensure the products we design and develop interact harmoniously with their finest extracts and provide consumers a superior vaping experience.

In order to provide consumers with an optimal user experience, we partner with data-tech companies and leverage their expertise. We integrate data systems into our build and this enables us to continuously perfect our product. Our design and technology can interact flawlessly with a wide range of viscosities, with consistent control over consumption and predictability.  

Maximizing Ingenuity


A mobile app connected to the device enables users to personalize their desired experience and inhalation session.


Expanding the common uses of data, we have re-engineered the user experience to fully integrate AI. We provide powerful, personalized products tailored to each of our future consumers and resulting in a one-of-a kind experience.


Pods can be filled with pure extract at any viscosity, even with WAX without the use of thinners like PG/VG/CO and others.


Our products function on a closed system and only operate with authorized pods. This mitigates potential harm elicited from use of unregulated products.


Control of the concentrate’s boiling is managed by our temp control microchip (TCM) which uses sensors and algorithms to ensure the integrity of the concentrate, neutralizing temperature spikes and burnt taste. 


Our system is enabled with actual inhaled volume counter technology which measures the volume inhaled.